Fort Wayne Party Buses' Pricing Policy

For more information regarding party bus pricing, call us.

Fort Wayne Party Buses offers buses of all shapes and sizes. We provide a great service at an affordable price. you're probably wondering just how come to the price that we give you? We'll be happy to explain it. As always if you don't understand the process you can feel free to contact us to find out more information regarding the pricing policy that Fort Wayne Party Buses stands by.

The first bit of information that we need in order for you to be on your way to booking a party bus with us, is the pick up time and the drop off time. We consider this one piece of information because it helps us narrow down the amount of hours in which you need the vehicle.

The second piece of information is how many people you'd like to transport. When we ask this we stress that this is not necessarily the the amount of people being picked up but the maximum amount of people during any given point of the trip. This helps us give you your vehicle options for the evening.

After that it's up to you decide what type of vehicle you'd like and we'll be able to give you a price. Our vehicles all have their own hourly rate which varies depending on size and popularity. Also it should be noted that prices change depending on the season so in peak season the vehicles may be more expensive due to demand.