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There is not technically a minimum amount of people needed. That being said, we can't really fathom renting a Fort Wayne limo bus for 3 or 4 people. Although we're willing to do it if you'd like to, we suggest getting 8-10 people together for a good time.

Yes, depending on the occasion or event you're taking part in, there is indeed a minimum deposit required at the time of booking. Your reservation specialist will be able to further assist you with telling you how much it costs.

After ordering and placing your deposit we do not offer cancellations for any reason whatsoever. Prior to running your credit card we clearly explain this to each and every patron and they agree to it.

Absolutely! All of our buses have CD players, AM/FM radios, and of course they have the ability to plug in iPhone, iPod, or any other phone, MP3 player, or audio device.

We cannot allow alcohol in the vehicle if there are any minors on board. We strictly enforce this policy and take it very seriously.

Wherever you'd like! If you'd like to be picked up and dropped off at your own homes, that's an option, but please account for that time for drop-offs at the end of the evening. Otherwise, you can all pick a location, and we'll be there willing to pick you up at any desired location!

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